Joya Smart PAT® for agriculture

Smart technology is revolutionizing agriculture over the world, and with its smart automation solutions, Joya Smart is a frontrunner in the industry. One of its flagship agritech solutions uses breakthrough adaptive IoT technology, incorporated in Joya Smart PAT® (Passive Adaptive Technology), helping farmers like you to enhance their production cycle effectively, without changing your day-to-day agricultural work habits.

Eco-friendly, Efficient, Easy

Joya Smart PAT® for agriculture

Joya Smart is transforming traditional farming into a state-of-the-art practice that empowers you to improve your production, while still helping you maintain your conventional farming structures and workflows.

It’s Eco-friendly: The solution requires less energy consumption and does not affect or even replace the best practices of traditional farming.

It’s Efficient: You can maximize your farm’s production, reduce waste, save time and meet growing market demands locally and globally, more effectively.

It’s Easy: Powered by IoT technology, the solution is easy to use. It enables you to access and manage your agricultural practices without any experience with other technologies.

Joya Smart PAT® is a completely non-intrusive solution. It does not disrupt your existing farming processes at all. Yet, it improves your production by enhancing cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It helps you understand the way your resources are used, and enables you to save water by reducing waste through smart irrigation.

More Visibility, More Simplicity

Hands-on technology for improved output

You can view and control your farming activities more efficiently with Joya Smart PAT®. Bridging the gap between traditional farming and new-age technology, the product offers an easy visual interface that explains all the complicated data measured and collected by the system and sensors on the farm. Thus, you do not need to understand the science or technology behind it, and can still stay in control of your farming by relying on the self-explanatory images and buttons on the product.

Tracking Water and Energy Consumption

Empowering you with optimized processes

Water and energy consumption and keeping track of plant moisture are crucial to farming. These can directly impact the overall production and cost-efficiencies of the farm. With easy-to-install systems and sensors and the power of Passive Adaptive Technology, Joya Smart’s breakthrough solution helps you track:

  • Water consumption: With sensors on rubber hoses and an over-tube device that’s ready to run and work without any disruptions, you can know exactly how many cubic meters of water are being used.
  • Energy consumption: A simple device installed in the farm tracks the electricity consumption from various power sources, and is easily available to you on the dashboard.
  • Plant moisture and evaporation levels: IoT-enabled sensors are simply plugged into the soil to help you monitor the water usage in your farm, impacting irrigation costs and procedures positively.