Smart farming with Joya Smart PAT® for agriculture

Joya Smart PAT® (Passive Adaptive Technology) for agriculture is a new agritech solution powered by Joya Smart’s breakthrough adaptive IoT technology. Simple to install and use, the product comprises our flagship Joya Smart Brain, an over-tube device, smart sensors, and the Joya Smart App that enable farmers to maximize their production cycle effectively, without disrupting their day-to-day work habits.

Joya Smart Brain

At the core of intelligent farming

Our Agritech Brain is the control center of the Joya Smart PAT® solution, bringing together all the information and data collected from the sensors and systems installed on the farm. From data on water and energy consumption to the moisture in the soil, the Agritech Brain collates the information with up-to-time precision, helping farmers monitor their farming processes more efficiently.

Smart sensors

Greater precision for accurate monitoring

The solution uses smart sensors at various points of the farming operation to measure and monitor the amount of water, electricity, and moisture in the soil. These sensors can be easily installed without any complicated procedures on water hoses, at the power-supply point of the farm, and in the soil.

Over-tube device

Easy to install with no disruptions

One of the key components of the Joya Smart PAT® solution is an over-tube device that can be easily fixed on the water source mechanism of the farm. There is absolutely no need to interrupt or change the existing water supply process. All you need to do is install it and it is ready to work and run.

Joya Smart App

More control at your fingertips

With Joya Smart technology, farmers can easily access, monitor, and control their farming processes anywhere, anytime. The app comes with a great user experience and visual interface that shows all the complicated data collected by the Agritech Brain in simple infographics.

It’s all easy to manage and maintain

Joya Smart PAT® for agriculture requires minimal maintenance. Backed by outstanding software and hardware, the solution has been designed to empower farmers with breakthrough technology that improves productivity and helps them stay in more control of their farming.

Empower your farm with Joya Smart PAT®

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