The most efficient way to save energy at home or work is by identifying how much energy you use, when, and where. With Joya PM, you can gain insight into your energy usage patterns through an intelligent monitoring and metering system, identify the appliances that consume excessive energy, and take actionable steps toward optimizing your energy usage.

JOYA Smart Power Management

Actionable insights for your home and business

  • Know your energy consumption in real-time
  • Monitor multiple energy sources at once
  • Single or three-phase power sources supported
  • Manage your electrical devices remotely
  • Set your energy-saving rules for maximum convenience
  • Automatic energy optimization through user-defined rules
  • Real-time notifications for unusual energy consumption
  • Works with solar systems, get real-time production and usage
  • Dashboards, analytics & reporting
  • Managed via mobile app. IOS & Android
  • Easy installation with minimal cabling and labor
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

Joya Smart Brain

Empowering intelligent energy management

Our Energy Optimization Brain is at the core of the Joya Smart PM, overseeing the collection and analysis of data from multiple sources, including main grid, backup generator, UPS, and solar inverter data. By swiftly and accurately consolidating this information, the Joya Brain empowers users to manage their energy resources better and make informed choices to enhance energy efficiency.

Precise Sensing

What gets measured can be managed

Due to a lack of awareness about energy consumption, businesses and individuals may develop wasteful habits that lead to increased energy bills. Without clear visibility, making meaningful changes to reduce energy usage is difficult. Joya PM intelligent energy monitoring and smart meters provide real-time visibility into energy consumption at a granular level, which allows for accurate readings of electricity usage, voltage, current, power factor, and battery autonomy. The sensors are easy to install and can integrate with minimal wiring work into any infrastructure.

Take Control, Save Smart

Streamline your energy savings through intelligent automation

Joya PM empowers you to attain peak energy efficiency by continuously monitoring and dynamically adapting energy usage. Our distinctive features include prioritizing load, managing multiple power sources, and adjusting energy usage based on user-defined constraints, such as electrical device priority, consumption ratio, power source capacity, time of day, and other energy-saving objectives. For example, during peak hours, the system can lower the energy usage of non-essential devices or seamlessly switch between various power sources, including solar, grid, or battery power, based on factors like energy availability and cost.

Joya PM App

Energy management has never been simpler

With Joya PM, users can easily monitor, control, and receive notifications about their energy usage and electrical device status. The app provides real-time monitoring and energy usage history through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app also offers a personalized dashboard for corporate customers to track their usage and plan energy savings.