Joya Smart Telecom Site Monitoring & Management Solution helps Telecom providers with all their site monitoring and management needs to ensure their service is at maximum efficiency and minimal cost.

Visibility for the Operator

Mobile Operator and Data Operator

As a mobile or data operator, Joya Smart’s Telecom Remote Site Monitoring and Alerting solutions integrates with your Network Operation Center (NOC) and provides you with real-time monitoring, alerting, and smart-rule automation based on the monitoring results of the HVAC, smoke and fire alarm detection, water and fuel leak, power source, energy consumption, door status, diesel tank monitoring, and more.

Monitoring for Tower Management

For Tower Management Organizations

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Alerting, and smart-rule automation based on the monitoring results of the HVAC
  • Smoke and fire alarm detection
  • Water and fuel leak.
  • Power source.
  • Energy consumption
  • Door status.
  • Diesel tank monitoring and more

Differentiator for Tower Companies

Integrate IoT to Differentiate from Competitors

Augment your existing offering to the mobile and data operator by adding a layer of Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors that provide real-time data for your team to take action, automate smart rules that dynamically adapt to your criteria and the measurements from the monitoring, and provide customized reporting dashboards to your mobile and data operator customers.