Joya Smart Energy Saving Technology empowers businesses and homeowners to track power and diesel consumption, eliminate Wastage and reduce costs. This innovative solution offers a range of features, including real-time metrics, intelligent control, and customized energy savings plans, allowing users to make informed decisions and optimize their energy usage. The solution comprises our flagship Joya Smart Brain, IoT energy meters, a solar integration module, and an intelligent diesel monitoring interface, all managed by our innovative and user-friendly app.

Save Money with IoT

Cut Costs, Minimize Consumption, Reduce Energy Bills

  • Reduce cost by optimizing your consumption
  • Track energy and diesel usage in real-time
  • Monitor solar energy production and consumption
  • Track diesel level, flow, and consumption
  • Detect & stop diesel pilferage
  • Monitor & manage multiple power sources remotely
  • Real-time readings of load, voltage, current, and power factor
  • Works with any single or three-phase source

Power Monitoring

IoT-powered optimization for cost-efficient energy usage

Joya Smart enables businesses to optimize their electricity costs by leveraging multiple power sources and selecting the least cost option. The system can provide real-time monitoring of any single or 3-phase source through IoT meters and electricity monitors, allowing for accurate readings of electricity usage, voltage, current, and power factor.

Diesel Assets Monitoring

Reduce cost and improve performance with data-driven data

Joya Smart energy-saving solution enables organizations to manage their diesel assets with greater efficiency by offering real-time diesel level monitoring, usage tracking, generator running time calculations, and pilferage control while combining real-time data analytics on diesel usage and generator performance, allowing businesses to minimize costs and maximize performance.

Solar Energy Integration

Unlock the full potential of solar energy usage

Joya Smart empowers organizations and individuals to maximize solar energy production by effectively utilizing available solar energy. Our flexible software architecture integrates with several solar energy platforms, enabling users to collect data directly from the solar inverter in real-time and to track key performance indicators such as produced energy, consumed energy, PV power forecast, battery autonomy, and electrical parameters.


Set Your Energy Saving Targets

Prioritize your electrical devices' operation to meet your needs, comfort, and budget.

Automate your energy-saving strategy and ensure critical systems remain functional when you need them most. Take control of any electrical device and select the most efficient power source, to optimize energy use and minimize costs. Prioritize critical appliances and automate power backups during low-energy production or outages for maximum reliability.