A hydroponic system enables you to grow plants cost-efficiently in a controlled space without using soil. Compared to traditional farming (soil-based farming), a hydroponic system is not only cost-efficient but is also faster and more profitable. With Joya Smart’s smart hydroponic technology, you can upgrade your farm or even launch a new farming business from scratch within weeks and start selling fresh, high-quality produce within a few months.

Why Smart Hydroponic

Accelerated Growth, Cost-Efficient, Full Control

People choose smart hydroponic farms because,other than being cost-efficient and timesaving, it has the following advantages:

  • In a smart hydroponic system, unlike regular hydroponic systems, every element of the growing chain can be controlled remotely from any smartphone or tablet using Joya Smart’s mobile app.
  • Smart hydroponic systems also enable you to automate crop maintenance and condition actions based on the data gathered by Joya’s Agritech Brain via IOT.
  • In hydroponics, there is no soil involved which means no hassles of testing, weeding, and tilling.
  • It offers up to 90% more efficient use of water.
  • You can grow your plants all year round by controlling the exact luminescence and climate of your farm.
  • The environment is sterile and safe, and no pesticide is needed.
  • The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system allows you to have more control over ideal nutrients and climate levels.
  • It helps you save time with automated drip irrigation that waters the plants on a regular schedule.
  • Harvesting is easier and time-efficient as many crops can be produced twice as fast

Joya Smart’s IoT Advantage in Hydroponics

High-precision, Higher Outcomes

Unlike standard hydroponic systems, Joya Smart integrates its Agritech IoT technology that enhances the farming experience manifold.

  • With pre-figured combinations, you can insulate and control the environment with greater accuracy.
  • Right from automatically adjusting irrigation, nutrients, and PH, to managing root zone temperature, and humidity levels, everything can be managed through your smartphone.
  • The entire process is data-driven. Thus, you get a more holistic overview of your farming operations to enable better decision-making.
  • Since IoT technology offers more control, less manpower, and faster harvesting, you’re bound to get higher outcomes from your farming.

Joya Farmbox

Customized, Fast Implementation, Highly Efficient

Joya Farmbox is a ‘plug and grow’ turnkey, year-round grow container equipped with all hydroponics components to function as a portable production facility. It combines a set of hardware and software components that are carefully designed to respond to all your hydroponic agricultural needs. Joya Smart’s Farmbox an unprecedented intelligent agricultural experience, enabling you to harvest 365 days a year.

Ready to get the Joya Farmbox?

Start Running Your Own Farm, Smartly

  • You can begin your farming business in just 20 working days.
  • All you need is a land space at any location, water supply, power source, and an internet connection.
  • Grow up to 3,000 plants in 21 square meters of land space, using 1 single container.
  • Its stackable design facilitates expansion scaling seamlessly with your business growth.
  • Every element of the growing chain can be controlled and monitored remotely from any smartphone or tablet using Joya Smart’s mobile app.

A controlled environment allows growing crops year-round with consistent quality, independent of weather or climate.

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