Joya Smart deploys its smart technology services, including the Joya Smart Brain, to the agriculture sector to increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability of food production. Joya Smart’s technology, which include the flagship Smart Brain, the IoT Agritech Brain, helps agriculture businesses save time and increase profitability by controlling, analyzing and monitoring agritech system components in one hub.

Visibility for the Landowner

Know Real-Time Progress

As a landowner, Joya Smart upgrades your agritech infrastructure to have access to detailed reporting of water consumption, live view of the growth of the crops, and managing cost-controlling elements. You can make decisions based on the real-time data of the app and the website that are explicitly customized to display data from your agritech infrastructure.

Monitoring for the Expert

Make Decisions Based on Data

The Agritech IoT Brain of Joya Smart empowers the expert to:

  • Measure and assess the soil moisture level
  • Measure and assess the soil fertility
  • Measure and assess the soil conductivity
  • Measure and assess the soil pH
  • Measure and assess the intensity of light
  • Monitor and control the water flow over a period of time and per row crop
  • Manage irrigation time and volume
  • Minimize water waste

Control for the Farmer

Make control decisions instantly

The farmer has the data and is fully empowered to make control decisions based on real-time data from the soil, water, temperature, pH, fertility, conductivity, and more. The farmer can monitor and control pumps, water flow, the timing of irrigations, water tank levels, nutrient and fertilizer levels, flexibility per row crop, crop health, and more.